Don’t let politics distort open spaces debate

I don’t often write but feel I should now in reply to the article from Newhaven.

The open spaces consultation was overwhelmingly voted in favour for by the towns and parishes across the district by the majority.

It now appears that politics have entered the debate and, after my last cabinet meeting at Lewes District Council,one councillor said he would be voting against open spaces even though it would benefit his constituents that he represents.

This shows me that that this political party is being controlled by their whip as to vote politically. I thought at local level when I was elected we were supposed to support our local people and vote on issues that supported their views. Clearly, this is not the case in this debate. Open spaces went out to the people of Seaford for consultation and received the highest response in favour. During this administration and previous administration this was a high response.

Seaford stands to benefit by around £100,000 which is a lot of money. Why should we be paying for other towns’ open spaces. Newhaven said they have visitors using their space. Don’t all towns have visitors? Seaford has thousands and we pay for our share.

This vote on open spaces will be going to full council shortly at Lewes District Council. Perhaps it’s time for the public who elected their councillors to make sure they are going to vote for them, their interest and not politically.

I will personally name and shame any Lewes District councillor who represents Seaford and does not vote in favour of the residents, who want to benefit by a fairer scheme and save us as a town, £100,000.

Cllr Paul Franklin,

North Ward