Don’t let sponsors hijack the Olympic Games

I’ve just watched the torch pass through Lewes – but if I’d blinked I’d have missed it. I’d gone to cheer on the torchbearer, the representative of the athletes who will be competing at the Games.

The torch party did pass us, at the end of a long, straggling procession of police vehicles and others dedicated to the Games’ sponsors.

If I want to add to the profits of the sponsors I can choose to do so in many ways. What I do not want is to see a public celebration of sporting ability, commitment and courage hijacked by companies intent on reminding us of their products. If the sponsors have to be included in the torch relay at all, they should bring up the rear, leaving pride of place to the torchbearer. What I’ve just seen appeared as a slap in the face to sportsmen and women everywhere.

Alex Kirby, Lewes