Don’t let them bring an end to National Census

It has recently been announced that the Government is considering the possibility of scrapping the ten year National Census after almost 200 years.

They are expected to announce this sometime during the next four weeks.

The suggested idea for this move is to hide the real truth about immigration. A fact that I may suggest no one actually knows just how many people are coming into the country or for that matter how many people are leaving these shores.

The Office for National Statistics has been exploring the idea to replace the National Census for some time. This is probably due to the cost of running the census.

It doesn’t seem very long ago when they were saying how important the census is for the Government to plan for the next 50 years.

They are going to base their information instead on ‘Administration Data’ which of course could include such things as the NHS and Tax Benefit records as well as the Electoral Roll.

The surprising thing about this is that the National Statistic Office also want to include data bases run by the private sector.

Sir Michael Green of the Migrationwatch UK think tank has warned that the proposals ‘need to be examined very closely’.

I would say differently to the Government and simply say ‘Hands off the National Census, if it ain’t broke’ then leave it alone.

Millions of people make use of the National Census daily in their work in tracing their forbearer’s.

Family history is the fastest growing hobby in this country as it is in other countries and is very important in their research and there are vast numbers of people willing to help in this research. I know we cannot see the up-to-date census reports but those who follow in our footsteps will be using these current census studies.

I would ask, no implore, all readers to contact their Member of Parliament to tackle the Government in any way they can to get this idea of stopping the National Census stopped.

There is no real hardship in filling in a form once every ten years. If it is stopped, then future generations will not be able to trace us to find out about what we get up to in our daily lives. Don’t let the government ruin something else for the people. Please, I ask you to do you bit by contacting your MP.

David Rowland

Telscombe Cliffs