Double line will relieve congestion on BML

I found your report on the Misery Line by Susan King very interesting.

I quite understand that Network Rail has to upgrade London Bridge Station area, after years of under investment in the railways by Governments over the decades, and we accept this, but the rail fares should have remained the same for the 2015 fare increase for all Southern and South-Eastern passengers, while this improvement work is being carried out. I am a regular user from Crowborough and would like to point out that every time a General Election looms, the local MP and councillors get involved and make out that they ‘care’ when they don’t on local issues including on our local railway.

Anyone with common sense would ‘fine or withdraw’ the Southern rail franchise and offer it to Stagecoach or Virgin who are British companies and not a French company that Southern/Go ahead/Go-via are.

The other problem with the Uckfield line is that it is in desperate need of an upgrade to double tracking. Get rid of this stupid ‘single line’ operation which is so out of date. The Government should have built this in to the Southern rail franchise when it was extended last year. This would double the number of trains that could be operated on the line. There is no problem having modern diesel trains, we just want a reliable and frequent service. This would sort out the overcrowding on the Uckfield line service.

Paul Llewellyn