Double standards

I HAVE just heard that the planning application for the residential care home in Chailey was rejected by seven votes to two by the LDC Planning Committee.

As expected, one particular member of the committee, that only two weeks ago voted for a scheme offering much needed affordable housing on a greenfield site overlooking a nature reserve, chose to reject this scheme in their own back yard.

The scheme offered valuable and much needed care for elderly residents and employment for the area, but was rejected over concerns for traffic safety, as well as the green credentials of the site. It was apparently ‘not the right site for the scheme’.

No doubt if the same scheme had been set in Newhaven, it would have been welcomed, particularly if it was accompanied by a supermarket.

I’m not suggesting that the committee have made the wrong decision in this case, but the double standards displayed are clear for everyone to see and for everyone to make their own comment upon.

Steve Saunders,