Downside of 20mph limit

While generally in favour a 20mph limit on residential estates such as Nevill, I wonder if those who favour extending it to a wider area realise the consequences.

There would be more congestion, the same number of cars passing through the area.

There would be more CO2 emissions and exhaust pollution at 20mph as engine efficiency is less.

The CO2 and pollution problem would be further increased as vehicles would be in the area for 50 percent more time.

There, you take your choice.

My suggestion is 20mph limit for all genuine residential areas, remove limit with calming bumps from Southover High Street and Lansdown Place, the parking there sees to calming, and keep the rest at 30mph including all of the Offham Road past Landport together with traffic lights for the school crossing as on Nevlll Road for Wallands Primary

Brian Beck, Lewes