East Sussex County Council Elections - UKIP opposition to establishment

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Mike Smithson (letters, May 3) wrote that UKIP ‘are not a serious party of government’.

On the very same day the voters of East Sussex gave Mr Smithson the lie by electing seven UKIP councillors to East Sussex County Council. UKIP took more than a quarter (27.3%) of the total vote, depriving the Tories of their control of the council.

Moreover, UKIP are now the second party in the county in terms of the popular vote, winning 42,856 votes - around twice the number of votes cast for Labour and the Lib Dems, who each won just over 22,000 votes.

UKIP may be the new kids on the block - in Sussex, as elsewhere in England - but their presence and policies are already affecting national government and they are the only real opposition to the LibLabCon establishment which has so grievously betrayed us. Not a serious party of government Mr Smithson? I think you are misinformed.

Nigel Jones

Press Officer

Lewes UKIP