Eastboume District General Hospital nurses deserve high praise

I am at present undergoing chemotherapeutic treatmenl of cancer at the Eastboume District General Hospital.

The staff of the oncology department deserve praise for their professionalism, patient care and never failing dedication to their jobs, from consultant surgeons to ward sisters, staff nurses and supporting staff.

They are always helpful and fulfil their duties cheerfully, even when under stress due to an excessive workload.

I do not think I have ever in my life witnessed such a good team cooperation and spirit, and I have plenty of experience to compare this with other organisalions, albeit mostly within industrial companies.

The remarkable difference lies in staff dedication, of which contemporary English private industry has none.

ln conclusion, we all should appreciate much more the services which the NHS, and here in particular the EDGH, is providing so exemplary and must do all we can to prevent such good service to be curtailed or even taken away from us by a Government which prefers to select other priorities.

Gerhard Both