Embarrassing lack of effort

I AM embarrassed and saddened by the almost total lack of effort shown by our local council in Lewes in displaying flags and bunting to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

What is it about this council, who also does little to brighten the town to celebrate Christmas? Do they feel that Lewes is ‘above that sort of thing?’ Thank goodness for many of the local traders who have made an effort. A previous comment by the council that they do not wish to damage our old and historical buildings by attaching fixings to them surely doesn’t hold water. Where there is a will there is a way. What is more, we are the county town and should surely do more to demonstrate our position and celebrate the event. What visitors to the town think goodness only knows.

If cost is the reply then I feel sure that an appeal to the people of Lewes, in good time, would have met with a favourable response. It is, though, heartening to see the efforts of other towns and villages although it makes the lack of effort by the Lewes Council even more embarrassing.

Derek Saunders, Lewes