Energy - hiding behind weasely words

It is typical of the Lib-Dems to avoid facts and start name calling. Any time there is adverse weather, climate change, our fault.

According to the Met Office, this was going to be the driest winter ever.

The same Met Office that helped produced the same apocalyptic nightmare on the early morning news this morning. I thought the Horror Channel finished at 03.00 in the mornings. The IPCC have never had an accurate prediction. When the climate does not go the way that they predict, it will always be another 20 years or more before it happens. Some 97 percent of scientists agree on climate change. Not true. The climate scaremongers have no real scientific facts to back up, just scaremongering for their own benefit.

If UKIP did control energy policy, we would not be closing down our nuclear power stations, or our coal power stations. Germany, one of the greenest of goverments, is actually building new clean coal fired power stations.

If turbines worked as the companies who built them said they can, I would be in favour of them, not to the detriment of the British taxpayer though. I did not say that the winter deaths were down to Government wind subsidy. Read again and get the facts straight. People take UKIP seriously, that is why the people of Seaford elected two more UKIP councillors on March 27. Shame on all the three failed parties for the decimation of our country’s finances. Shame on you all for hiding behind the weasely words of (sharing sovereignty). You actually gave up the British people’s rights of being allowed to govern themselves.

Shame on you all for this emotional climate claptrap which is costing the taxpayers billions of their money. Shame on you Lib-Dems for jumping on every bandwagon that comes along, just to get as many votes as you can. Russia may not control the wind, but the Lib-Dems certainly control the hot air.

Cllr Charlton