Ersham Farm - Character of town at risk

I AM writing in support of the local campaigners against the proposed development of 35 properties on Ersham Farm.

I attended the original Hailsham Town meeting and all the council members voted unanimously against this proposal and yet Wealden District Council appear to be taking no notice of them or the 100+ letters sent from local residents raising their concerns in destroying a long standing working farm and the beautiful natural environment that comes with it as well as the increase in traffic to an already busy road. And of course once the initial 35 houses are constructed it won’t be long before the rest of the surrounding fields are built on too.

We keep being told by Wealden District Council that more housing is needed even though most of the new estates have empty properties? Maybe they should let some of these current projects be completed before bulldozing in and ruining even more fields and countryside.

General concern with most residents I speak to is Hailsham is already being overdeveloped and that the market town it once was is being ruined and in danger of becoming one big faceless housing development without the amenities to sustain it.

Please Wealden District Planning Office take heed before it’s too late!

Teresa Drury