Ersham Farm - flood risk to cemetery

TO continue the important article on the ‘Save Ersham Farm Campaign’, I would like to express my views, but now wishing to re-iterate what has already been said very passionately by my neighbours and residents of Hailsham.

I am going to focus on the cemetery which is personal to me and to many others living in and around Hailsham.

The cemetery is presently a place of calm, a place where loved ones, family and friends, rest peacefully. The cemetery is adjacent to the fields where sheep graze and lambs skip happily around, influencing the tranquillity.

Losing Ersham Farm for the sake of 35 houses to be built abutting the cemetery boundary would create noise and loss of farm animals in the fields – the serenity will be gone and cannot be re-gained.

While the applicant claims a slightly lessened risk of flooding from run off, there is some doubt that SUDS is appropriate for use in this area and therefore the potential of flooding into the cemetery is a possibility, which would be devastating.

Maria Leigh, Hailsham