EU club still means ‘jaw not war’

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Having read Cllr Charlton’s recent correspondence I was left wondering whether he is living in the same twenty-first century as I am. Though they have all had a go in past centuries neither Germany nor indeed Scotland, Denmark, Holland, France or Spain is about to take us over. And that’s a fact, Cllr Charlton - and largely down to that EU club we belong to, set up precisely for us to settle our differences - in Churchill’s words - by jaw not war.

Or as our present Prime Minister has put it ‘through consensus rather than threats’. And for most of the time I’ve been around it’s worked - so long may it last.

Does Cllr Charlton really want the real jobs and growth we so desperately need, when his UKIP party would have us pull out of the EU? You can’t have it both ways – in the EU we benefit

from the 500 million strong single market, which gives us a huge home market for a good half of what we produce. Expanding sales mean economic growth and more jobs. And with our EU membership we attract foreign investment too – funds from abroad for yet more jobs and growth. Withdrawal from the EU, according to the former Director of the CBI the other day, has the potential to cause lasting economic damage to our country.

In other words less growth and fewer jobs. It’s a no brainer - stay

in the EU club, don’t give up the benefits, and as Norman Baker

wrote a couple of weeks ago, work with our neighbours in the democratic push now underway to get it working better for us all.

Michael Rider

North Chailey