EU politics - turn up to work, then you can vote

Nigel Farage claimed at his party conference last week that UKIP MEPs cannot change a thing in Europe. But this is only true because UKIP MEPs hardly ever bother to turn up to vote or table amendments to EU legislation. In fact, Nigel Farage and his deputy have attended less than half of all votes while four UKIP MEPs have not tabled a single amendment since July, 2009.

Contrast this with Lib Dem MEPs, who with a similar-sized delegation have helped to deliver a £30bn cut to the EU budget, exempt small businesses from burdensome accounting rules and slash the cost of mobile phone roaming charges in the EU by 80%. This shows that when MEPs are active and engaged, they can help change Europe for the better.

If Farage really wants the best for Britain, maybe he should turn up to work. It’s the least he can do to earn the generous pay and expenses package that he criticises but happily pockets every week.

Antony Hook

MEP candidate, LDem, South East England