EU - some misconceptions put right

Mr Michael Rider (letters, July 5) offers us two of the stock claims on behalf of the EU; that it has kept the peace of Europe; and that we would be worse off by leaving.

The only real threat to peace after the Second World War was not from within Western Europe but from Soviet Russia during the Cold War immediately after 1945.

The Common Market, as it then was, could hardly claim to have saved us from that, not having been created until 1957.

It was NATO, formed in 1949, that kept the peace in Europe.

As for the consequences of leaving; it has been shown many times that we would stand to gain substantially.

For example, we would be free to trade worldwide, unhindered by the present restrictions imposed on us be the EU. All this has been sown again by a leading economist, Tim Congdon, in his recently published report, Europe doesn’t work, with the significant subtitle: A discussion of the three-million-jobs-at-risk lie and related misconceptions.

Among other benefits, we would be better off by saving the vast sum we pay to Brussels, now running at over £10 billion net each year.

Irfon Roberts