European Union - let the people of Britain choose

I would like to respond to a few letters if I may.

First to Manek Dubash. You are the first person to admit, which I respect, that we need a bigger government.

Your rhetoric and name calling lets you down. We are not a superpower and we do not want to be. We want to be governed by a democratically elected government that the British people vote for at that time.

We do not want to be governed by an unelected small corrupt elite that makes all the laws.

We want laws passed in Parliament for the British people, not laws passed in a foreign land that affects us and cannot be changed.

We want to have a trading agreement with the EU, not be governed by them.

I am surprised that David Tufnell is surprised, that Norman Baker is taking credit for something that he has not been involved in.

That is what the Lib Dems do best. Norman loves the camera. I am sure that I saw him chasing some Japanese students the other day in Lewes, because they had cameras. Probably wanted to take credit for a cultural exchange or something. I also noticed that he was being awarded a beer champion in the Rights of Man pub.

It’s a shame that he and his Party cannot let the British people have the rights of being able to vote for themselves on who governs them.

Cllr Charlton