Eviction: They don’t deserve it

IN response to your headline story last week, I must write in support of Linda and William who live at Carey Cowshed in Broyle Lane, Ringmer.

Before they took over, the area as one neighbour put it ‘was like a foul cesspit’.

Together as a family they have worked to tidy the place up and have succeeded.

As to the council thinking that a riding school would not be freely available to the public, this is rubbish. My nine-year-old ganddaughter has been riding there for two and a half years. Not only can she ride but all the children are tought how to look after the horses before and after riding. They are well looked after by Alice, who they all think the world of, at a fraction of the cost of other riding schools.

I have never heard one world of complaint from anyone living nearby. In fact I feel privileged to live by them and to enjoy seeing how well looked after all the animals are.

What do the council want? To see children in the outdoors learning to care for and enjoy animals, or sitting indoors in front of computers?

There is a rumour that a youth club may be built there. As most of the residents have no young children is it a case of putting it as far out of the village as possible?

I know I would rather have a quiet respectable family running a business that they have put everything into and I’m sure many others feel the same.

Sylvia Eade,