Eviction would be so wasteful

I see from last week’s Sussex Express that ESCC may still go to the huge expense of evicting the ‘St Anne’s Diggers’ from the site of the former St Annes School in Rotten Row, Lewes, and even talks of a ‘significant clean up operation’ as an additional cost.

The eviction would indeed be an ‘unnecessary cost’ and talk of a clean-up shows an ignorance of the real situation on the site with a dash of scare-mongering thrown in for effect, even the reference to the asbestos distorts the real picture.

This is at the same time as ESCC has started phasing in stringent cuts of up to £100 million over the next four years, or ‘savings’ as the council likes to call them.

What an amazing waste of money it is to evict the protesters from St Annes, especially at a time like this.

The eviction is not in fact ‘necessary’, any damage to the St Annes building was in fact caused by vandals before the protesters’ Climate Camp began, if anything the protesters occupying the site have acted as a deterrent against further vandalism.

Lewes Stop The Cuts cannot see how the County Council could justify the expense of evicting the Climate Camp protesters on the one hand, while at the same time continuing to make cuts to vital public services.

Nathan Parkin,

For Lewes

Stop The Cuts