Exceat bridge - Let’s just get the job done

Aren’t politicians and their insecurities funny. Norman Baker campaigns for improvements to the A259 and Councillor Maynard says he is trying to gain political kudos, odd accusation really as I thought an MP, whatever his (or her) political party, is paid to do their best for their constituents and for the country.

So Mr Maynard, having used the A259 and the ridiculous Exceat Bridge, I can say that I could do without the political twittery as I for one welcome the end of Mr Baker’s campaign to improve this route, and I do that with a total disregard to party political interest.

Over the years, I’ve seen drivers of buses and long vehicles struggling to negotiate the right angled bend, the traffic queues stretching from the bridge back to Friston, and the inconsiderate driving and impatience that this bridge causes and so, in a nutshell, I couldn’t care less about the politics, I just want to see the job done.

Philip Baldock