Expansion of Lewes parking scheme

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At a parking surgery held on 12 July 2011, we were told by a representative of Atkins that the proposed inclusion of the southern half of Nevill Estate in the Parking Scheme resulted from expansion of the present scheme to include new Area K.

Atkins stated that when area K comes into force, they expect cars presently parked there free, to simply transfer to Nevill. Thus, it was claimed that extending the scheme to Nevill was a necessary “pre-emptive” measure.

Following this logic, the scheme will presumably expand to include all residential areas of Lewes.

It is now clear that the originally stated aims of this parking scheme - to control parking in the town centre - have been abandoned in favour of revenue-raising. This scheme should now be stopped in its tracks, before the whole of Lewes is crippled by its cost and restrictions.

Carole & Brian Kirby.