Explain this hypocrisy

You will be aware that Wealden District Council has imposed a blanket ban on all development within a vast area surrounding Ashdown Forest.

If you don’t know why, it is basically because they say development causes traffic and traffic causes nitrogen and nitrogen deposits are bad for the forest. And the high court rubber stamped their view.

Be it a new one bedroom house in Brighton or a 500 house development in Eastbourne, your planning application is doomed.

At a time when we have the most acute housing crisis in the social history of the UK, one council is preventing development for other planning authorities in Sussex, Surrey and Kent.

Odd then, that in Horam, a small village within the district and not far from Ashdown Forest, Wealden District Council are themselves building a massive crematorium, after their planning committee approved it.

A crematorium that will burn thousands of bodies every year and generate hundreds of thousands of new car miles within their Ashdown Forest exclusion zone. I’m no scientist but that’s a lot of nitrogen.

No one in Horam wanted the crematorium. There are others in the area we go to when a friend or family member passes on.

Wealden District Council wants one because it will earn them lots of money. We lost the fight against the crematorium and work is now well advanced on the site. I was brought up believing that the press are there to hold the powerful to account. Well, I’m too old to hold WDC to account, my feeble efforts were exactly that, the crematorium is being built, but I would ask that a journalist with old fashioned grit and determination ask these politicians and senior officers to explain their crass hypocrisy.

My wife will be furious if she finds out I’ve got involved in this again, my health isn’t great, so that’s definitely my final word on this subject, but I hope you have words with Wealden District Council.

Tim Carter