Failed parties gave our rights away to the EU

I don’t think Rod Main, the Lib Dems and the other failed parties, understand or know anything at all about the country called the EU. They have their own national anthem, national flag, an EU army, EU police force, EU Embassy’s, EU Judges that override the British Courts,

EU Diplomatic Corps, EU court of human rights that allow murderers, rapists, terrorists, and any other criminal that we allowed into this country to stay here. We cannot send them back. Oh yes, they also negotiate trade deals on our behalf. You peddle the myth that we will lose 3 million jobs if we leave the EU. Only if we stop trading with them. We won’t, we will carry on as before, but we will not be tied down with all the extra rules and regulations. It costs us 2 million jobs to be in the EU. So yes, I am proud to be British, proud of my national flag, proud of our armed forces, proud of our justice system that is being corroded in front of our eyes. What is wrong in wanting to be governed by a British government that makes laws for the British people. I want my COUNTRY BACK. While I was serving in the armed forces, I was prepared, if called, to fight in the Falklands for the British people. If we waited for the EU army, we would still be talking. Thank heavens for the British Forces. All you three FAILED Parties, behind our backs, gave away the rights of British men and women to make the laws that we want for ourselves and our children. Shame, Shame, Shame on you all.

Cllr Peter Charlton