Falklands War’s Sir Galahad tragedy - Remembering other conflicts

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It was delightful to see the picture and report in your paper of our celebratory Dinner for the official birthday of our Patron, HM The Queen.

However, may I correct one mistake. The day of the dinner, June 8 was also the anniversary of the tragedy of Sir Galahad in the Falkland’s Conflict in 1982 and not the 29th as published.

That was a terrible day 31 years ago and one that all Falklands veterans will remember.

Four days after that was when one of our guests, former RN Master at Arms Eon Matthews was a survivor of HMS Cumberland when it was struck by an exocet missile which the ships, thankfully, survived.

Like many of the smaller conflicts since the end of the Second World War, this conflict is one that often slips people’s memories and the sacrifice made by members of our Armed Services is no less important than those of earlier major conflicts.

This is why the Royal Society of St George is so proud to be part of the organisation of the Seahaven Veterans’ and Armed Forces day on June 29 this year.

Anyone from all over our district who shares that pride and gratitude for the efforts of sailors, soldiers and airmen and women of today and past conflicts is so welcome to come to the Martello Fields at Seaford and join in and enjoy the occasion.

Our branch celebratory dinner on June 8 was a great success and was a chance to show our loyalty to a great lady, our Patron and Sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II, who has reigned over us form 61 years.

Bob Peedle MBE

Seahaven Branch
The Royal Society of St George