Fed up with lack of access to Newhaven beach

I wrote to the Sussex Express some time ago when Newhaven Port and Properties closed access to the West Beach.

In my letter I wrote that I had been bringing my family to West Beach for some years and the family loved it as it was not far to drive and we used to bring a picnic, go for a swim or paddle and it was a nice day out.

There was never any trouble or horseplay there and everybody enjoyed the day.

One weekend, when we pulled up there, the tide was in and as soon as we opened the car door our dog (a Labrador) ran across the road and dived off the harbour wall and went for a swim.

I am not surprised residents are fed up with Newhaven Port and Properties keeping it closed off, as nothing seems to be happening there.

If they are frightened people are going to get hurt (I never saw any injuries all the years we went there) why don’t they put a notice up saying you go there at your own risk like you get on all fairground rides.

Hope the protest went off alright.

Mr John Pentin and family