Feel free to choose your own words

I’m pleased Councillor Sheppard (letter 20 February) doesn’t think he’s a hypocrite.

He appears in a picture at a bus stop. The press release is about better access to buses. Of course everyone supports better physical access, and indeed I wrote a letter mentioning my support of the proposal.

Now surely Cllr Sheppard would want proper access to buses everywhere, not just where he was photographed on just one route, or how can people get off and on again elsewhere? (This route was not being cut, notice, for some would have called that cynicism).

But apparently he can’t see any doublethink involved in supporting better physical access on one route and cutting buses elsewhere, reducing the overall access.

He even says in his letter that if he voted against the cuts he could have played the good guy, but then justifies his voting for the cuts and saying he didn’t do the good thing because ‘my one vote would not have changed anything.’ Do choose your own word to describe this.

Finally this is the same Councillor Sheppard who said, both to me personally and I believe on public record, that if people in rural areas didn’t have subsidised buses they could use taxis! That of course is not hypocrisy. Feel free to choose your own word for that, too.

Cllr Peter Gardiner

Lewes District Councillor for Ouse Valley and Ringmer