Fielding insults from the ‘bully boys in Brussels’

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Across Europe there is a growing realisation that the EU Commission is operated by a bunch of dictatorial selfish tyrants.

Look no further than Mr Tusk’s outburst, the purpose of which was to insult 17.4 million Brexit voters and their MPs. It seems the nickname ‘bully boys of Brussels’ is not far from the truth.

In essence, having told 17.4 million British subjects to go to hell Mr Tusk should understand, ‘hell hath no fury like 17.4 million Brexit voters scorned’.

Should they be betrayed and a true Brexit deal, or in its place the legal default WTO, not happen on March 29 there will be a special place in hell, not for patriotic Brexit voters who wish only to be in control of their own destiny, but for the likes of the deceitful, unaccountable dictators running the EU Commission who are systematically destroying EU member countries one by one.

How any sane thinking person can continue to want to be a part of such an organisation escapes me.

Cllr Alan Latham

Chyngton Way