Finding out the hard way

While reading some back copies, I came across an item about firemen rescuing an old woman who had been stuck in her bath.

Previously when I had read about this (why is it never a man?) I had always ‘seen’ a very large woman wedged literally in her bath.

This was until it happened to me.

I had plenty of space in the bath to move about, but didn’t have enough power in my arms or legs to lever myself up or stand.

Each time I managed to get partly up, I slipped back down again, and after several attempts, I emptied quite a lot of the bath water over the sides.

Perhaps it would be better with a dry bath? So I emptied it, and while I was at it, I also cleaned up.

But that didn’t help either.

Eventually, I did get out by falling, and when I went downstairs, very fraught and in need of a nice refreshing bath, my husband, who all this time had been downstairs watching the TV, turned to me and said, ‘are you alright?’ Men!

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