Finding the best plan for Newhaven town centre

In answer to Rod Main’s letter, his “Blame Culture” is not the solution and is what’s at the root of today’s problems with the political scene locally and nationally.

From Joyce Thacker and Shaun Wright (Rotherham Child abuse scandal) all the way up to Vince Cable (selling Royal Mail for below market value) we have people in power making bad judgments that affect local people profoundly but with no consequences for their bad decision making.

In my own letter (Express, October 17), I offered an answer to what from living in Newhaven and using the local roads I see as a serious impediment to the town’s future. I could have gone into greater detail but kept the letter concise as this is only a letters page at the end of the day.

Cllr Main instead of offering his own solution to Newhaven’s gridlock sought only to patronise my suggestion with a childish quip in the style of “Harry Potter”.

His attitude would appear to be “I know what’s best” for Newhaven and to ridicule anyone with a differing point of view, which is the same problem we have with the three main parties in Westminster.

I live in the real world and have a mortgage and bills to pay like many residents of Newhaven and I’m proud to say I’m a member of UKIP and I vote for UKIP in the Local and European elections.

Rod Main by making comparisons between the “Black Shirts” of the 30s and UKIP today only displays the empty rhetoric the Lib Dems have to fall back on when confronted with a party that wants to protect freedom and sovereignty by introducing a balanced and fair immigration system to this country.

What should be of concern to everybody is we have local politicians unable or unwilling to find solutions to local issues. I want UKIP to give Newhaven and its residents renewed hope and not be frightened to speak their minds and suggest significant changes which would benefit the town.

Simon Barnes