Fine job by fire and ambulance staff at accident site

YOU never expect to be in an accident on your bus (Compass 143) home, but that is what happened to me when returning from Lewes to Ringmer on Friday, September 21, soon after midday.

A VW Campervan suddenly swerved and hit our bus although our driver braked hard and tried to avoid it. Luckily for us, the bus stayed upright, but the campervan was lying on its side with the driver pinned in by the driving-wheel. There were about 15 of us on the bus and someone was soon on her mobile to 999 – 10 minutes later the police arrived, followed shortly by the ambulance and then the fire service. The road was totally blocked, so traffic had to be diverted via Glynde.

I was very impressed by the way they all worked together, and eventually managed to free the driver, who to our great surprise was able to squeeze round the driving-wheel after they had broken the door’s glass, and came out, standing up, apparently unharmed.

She was taken to the ambulance and we didn’t see her again, but the ambulance men came to see if any of us was harmed. Several people had been thrown against bars or poles, but no major injury seems to have occurred.

I just want to express my thanks to the police, ambulance staff and fire service staff who worked together so well and reassuringly to a rather shaken, but very lucky, 86-year-old.

Rosemary Harris, Ringmer.