Fireworks and animals: don’t forget the cattle, sheep and wildlife

Following up on the feature in October 4 edition in the Focus on Lewes section, the piece on fireworks and animals (though sadly very necessary) was disappointing in one aspect: what about the surrounding cattle, sheep, horses and wildlife?

Fireworks are terrifying to them too and it is not possible to provide them with sound proofed fields, etc. Anyway how does an owner cater for the unexpected, private ad hoc and increasing ‘parties’ for weddings and in back gardens?

The truth is if we really cared about animals who trust us we would stop fireworks, end of. They are unnecessary, dangerous, terrifying, intrusive, inane, and obscene – particularly these days as they are SO loud and go extremely high.

They are heard not just nearby but for miles around – the Downs seem to act as an amplifier and the racket bounces around alarmingly.

Surely in a civilised society pet/livestock owners should be allowed to keep their animals safely without the extra stress and expense of having to try to protect them from thoughtless and often extremely damaging (sometimes fatal) ‘amusements’.

Carol Lucas