First priority is waiting list

REF to travellers site earmarked for Newhaven. Once again if the site is proposed it will be another dumping area for Newhaven.

People are already blighted by the incinerator which is a huge blot on the landscape and now the councillors want to buy sites for travellers.

These people chose this way of life and therefore move on all the time. Land should not be bought by the taxpayer. With over 3,000 on the council’s list waiting for homes this should be the council’s first priority, not travellers.

As well as the amount of rubbish they leave behind wherever they go, there will be a public outcry if this site goes ahead, it is now for the people to decide on this issue. Why should the taxpayer foot the bill for land?

The old Romany gypsies have been travelling since time began, this is not a new venture. Most of them do not work while our taxpayers work long hours to survive in this economic climate, the government has now passed the problem over to the local councils. The issues of pollution and the state of the environment have become worldwide concerns.

Mrs D Myles, South Heighton