Footpath report was timely

Your report of the state of the footpath between Spences Road and South Downs Road in Lewes was very timely.

I am currently in correspondence with several bodies, including East Sussex Highways, with responsibilities for pedestrian and cycle ways, about the impassability of, and non-provision for alternative travel modes, especially near towns.

Our elder daughter has recently moved to Sweden, where she is able to cycle everywhere, including her daily 20-minute commute to work , as well as take her four-year-old by bike to the playgroup across town, all on dedicated cycleways. Compare this with the situation of our other daughter who lives in Hamsey, and finds the riverside route would be an ideal access on the level into Lewes, except for the appalling state of the path. As she has four-month-old twins, and two other step-children, it is clearly somewhat daunting on foot, and impossible by bike. It made me realise just how badly non-car use is prioritised in Britain.

Surely it is time that parish, district and county councils got together with groups such as the NHS, Sustrans, Living Streets, footpaths groups and amenity societies, to step up a gear, which until now can only be described as “plodding.” We really need to promote more active forms of mobility, if only in the interests of health. In Sweden and Denmark one sees very little obesity, and towns are a delight to walk in, due to the low traffic levels. We too must promote traffic-free routes and return to children the freedom and independence we oldies once enjoyed, and, of course, the massive environmental impact lower car use would have.

Chris Yarrow,

Stonehurst Lane,