For once I agree with Clive!

HOW nice to be able to agree with Clive Hobden for once!

He is right to highlight the particularly selfish practice of people parking across the lowered kerb at the Ringmer shopping precinct, though he’s about three years behind the times as some of us have been on the case for about that long.

I am grateful to our former community police officer Cathy Clarke, who got me a supply of standard letters on Sussex Police letterhead, explaining why it is antisocial to park across the lowered kerb.

I occasionally put one under the windscreen wipers of offending vehicles.

If the driver is there, I speak to him/her, always politely, asking them kindly to park elsewhere next time as they are impeding people in wheelchairs, plus parents with buggies. I often cop an earful, but hope that the message gets through nonetheless. It’s a case of winning the battle through eternal vigilance, but it’s a slow process because there are always new cars with thoughtless owners.

Shame I can’t agree with Reg Keeping, who seems determined to blame someone for the Glyndebourne wind turbine, and he finds the Lib Dems as good a scapegoat as anyone else.

The fact is the turbine was a planning application which had to be considered on planning merits, and was approved on a cross-party vote.

If it had been turned down by Lewes District Council, it would have been approved on appeal, as the public inquiry showed, and at considerable cost to the council.

All else being equal, I would rather not have a wind turbine on the hill above Ringmer, but Glyndebourne creates a lot of local employment, its owner is willing to spend about a million pounds of his own money to get his electricity from renewable sources, and the turbine could be taken down if necessary.

I think we have to be on very firm ground to reject such an initiative - and the one thing we cannot have is people saying they don’t want their view spoilt but they’ll happily go on emitting greenhouse gases as if there’s no tomorrow.

Chris Bowers

District Councillor

Ouse Valley & Ringmer