Forgotten veterans

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THE campaign on behalf of pre-1975 UK Armed Forces Veterans for equality in pension rights is gathering momentum with well over 300,000 signatures on a petition delivered to Downing Street and increasing numbers of supportive MPs becoming actively involved in our campaign.

We have recently had a significant boost to the effort with the welcome support of The Royal British Legion who accepted a motion at their recent national conference in Scarborough to support the drive for equal pension rights to be awarded to ex-Service men and women affected by this injustice.

Today’s service leavers receive a pension pro-rata regular service and make an indirect contribution towards the pension scheme. Yesterday’s veterans (pre-April 1975) were subject to the same contributions but receive nothing. With the support of the general public we will succeed in rectifying this outrageous penalty imposed by Government on our proud veterans of past conflicts.

If you are one of the Forgotten Veterans who served on regular engagements for a minimum of two but less than 22 years (or 16 years for commissioned Officers) between 1949 and April 1975 then call Jim Monaghan on 07584050031 or

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Jim Monaghan, Storrington