Former Lewes Magistrates’ Court site - Premier Inn would be good for Lewes

Having read the item in the local edition of the Sussex Express last week regarding the proposed Premier Inn on the site of the defunct magistrates court, I dare to put my foot into the argument regarding this proposal. I think the provision of this hotel would be a good thing for the town.

There are two other hotels in the town, but I feel that these, over the years have become a bit run-down.

I think that a new hotel would give the town a lift, if that is at all possible. The town in my eyes is failing. We need some larger stores to keep the town a bit more upbeat. I personally would like a 99p shop in the town, in the new building, together with some shops that would make shopping more interesting.

I am tired of the Cliffe being full of antiques etc. Do these shops interest visitors? In my younger days, the Cliffe was a vibrant area. I realise that we now have three supermarkets which take people out of the town centre.

We have quite a few holiday visitors arriving here in the town from neighbouring towns.

Lewes is a very interesting town with lots of interest for visitors whom we should greet with open arms.

I don’t know why some people in the town are so against this proposed development. The town should be moving forward.

These are only my views and I am sure a lot of my friends will not agree to this proposed addition to the town. I would state that the proposed building ought to fit in with the local surrounding properties.

I am in favour of the proposed hotel.

R E Towner