Four-way traffic lights at Lewes crossroad an option

I read with interest the letter by Neil Way (February 27) The problems relating to the Mill Road and Church Lane junction with the A26 in Lewes.

I agree that the present arrangement is rather unsatisfactory and it is dangerous to both vehicles exiting the minor roads and for pedestrians of which there are many who cross the main road.

Yes, I know a pedestrian traffic light system does exist on the west side of the junction but it is not used by all as it is more convenient for residents taking children to and from school to cross by the bus stop at the bottom of Mill Road. Currently using the official crossing can involve pedestrians having to cross both of the minor roads without any traffic control, and this is also not satisfactory. As Mr Way further states, traffic arriving at this junction along the A26 certainly often exceeds the 30mph permitted, making driving across to the centre refuge from the side roads a bit of a lottery.

Rather than a roundabout, as suggested by Mr Way, which could further endanger pedestrians wishing to cross the road, a better solution would be for four way traffic lights with a pedestrian option to provide them a safe crossing point. This arrangement works well at the prison crossroads and does not create any problems as far as I am aware. A proper four way traffic light arrangement might also slow those vehicles approaching it along the A26 and will ensure safe crossing for all.

I suppose a four-way traffic light solution has not been considered by those in power as it is usually only when someone is killed or maimed that it becomes highlighted statistically, and they will not take notice until accidents occur. We have been lucky up to now but surely prevention is better than cure.

On another matter, the new cycle path up and down Mill Road has been finished for a number of weeks now, and I have yet to spot a cyclist using it despite being at home in my front room in Mill Road most of the day. Perhaps they use it after dark when I am in bed. I did however spot a couple of cyclists exiting the Ringmer Road at Earwig corner one afternoon last week.

One wonders if all the expense providing this Mill Road climbing challenge for cyclists was worth it. But providing it no doubt ticked a lot of green boxes for the bean counters, so they will be happy.

John Beck