Fracking - don’t deny us indigenous energy

Green MEP Keith Taylor (letters, December 28) demonstrates everything that is wrong with the Green Party. If adopted, his outright opposition to extracting any gas from shale by fracking would deny the UK the possibility of a long-term supply of indigenous energy, which in the USA has transformed their energy market.

Together with Friends of the Earth (letter from Co-ordinator Andrew Durling), their reliance on renewable energy from wind, waves and solar is deluded.

They are so afraid of affecting Sussex with fracking they would prefer to despoil our beautiful countryside with giant wind turbines, which only generate some 20 per cent of their stated output, because no electricity is produced when the wind doesn’t blow or, indeed, when it is too strong.

The unreliability of wind power requires the building of gas powered power stations as back-up, which need to run even when the wind turbines are turning.

In the first quarter of 2012 (ie winter) coal accounted for 35 per cent of electricity, gas 30 per cent and nuclear 20 per cent, but wind only 5 per cent. It is completely unfeasible to expect wind to account for much electricity generation and, unless British industry closes down and there are regular power cuts for homes, we will have to rely on nuclear and gas for our power.

Of course there should be safeguards for the effects of fracking but to prevent the UK from developing a source of cheap energy would be stupid.

Michael Staples