Fracking meeting - be prepared for some emotive pleading

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I would like to comment on Andrew Durling’s letter inviting people to attend the meeting on fracking in Eastbourne on March 7th.

He is right when he says that the UK government sees fracking as providing a safe and crucial part of our energy needs. The reason is that the goverment has carried out an investigation into fracking and the possible problems that could arise, taking into account world experience so far.

It has considered the cost benefits to the UK economy, and the advantages of not being so dependant on energy from unstable parts of the world, and weighed this against the possible risks. It has used scientific and engineering expertise in arriving at this conclusion.

I think it unlikely that Friends of the Earth, Sussex Extreme Energy Resistance and Frack Off, will present such a balanced and unbiased view at the forthcoming meeting. By all means go, but do not imagine that you will find out the facts about fracking. What you will get is a lot of emotive and passionate pleading not to allow this new technology to be considered on its merits.

Incidently, ‘many hundreds of fracking wells drilled all over Sussex’, if it were true, would be very good for the local economy, and the wells would not last for ever. They would be removed and little trace would remain. Remember that Sussex used to be the centre of the iron founding industry once upon a time.

Robin Hanbury