Fracking needs to be halted now

IN LIGHT of recent coverage of ‘fracking’ proposed throughout the Wealden area, those concerned about the process and its serious implications for the area’s environment might like to be aware of some of the following suggestions. If enough of us act now we can still halt this potentially devastating threat before it takes root.

Register objections before May 25 to last week’s DECC report.

The report states that it is safe for Cuadrilla to resume fracking at Preese Hall in Lancashire. This would be a dangerous precedent to allow the government to set unchallenged. Write to: 

Visit the 38 Degrees website ( > campaigns > suggest a campaign) and vote for them to get behind the campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of fracking.

Write to your water authorities/companies and ask their position on the threat that hydraulic fracturing poses to our water supplies.

Write to any parish, district/town councillors in the UK. The drilling/fracking permissions/licenses have been getting through, partly through euphemistic subterfuge and partly because our Local Government Representatives didn’t know what they were saying yes to (Use to locate your district and county councillors’ addresses).

Write to your MP/MEP to state your concerns over threatened fracking. Find your MP/MEP’s email address at: (send it by post too if you can, for greater effect) and encourage them to sign the Early Day Motion at calling for a UK moratorium on fracking, together with the petition for a European ban:

An online version of these suggestions, with links and template letters can be found at

Jim Hindle, Lewes