Fracking - we need to err on side of caution

In response to a number of recent enquiries regarding my position on fracking, I’m on record as stating that I believe that the case for fracking as a safe means of extracting shale gas is still uncertain and that, therefore, I believe that the precautionary principle should be observed.

I believe that it is both prudent and responsible to err on the side of caution, if there is even the smallest possibility of contaminating or over using the south’s most precious natural resource, water.

There are other grounds for questioning the development of fracking sites on a small and densely populated island such as ours, but for me, protecting clean and plentiful water supplies are the key issues.

The apparent speed and few real opportunities for public discussion nationally given to fracking as a means of solving the country’s energy needs, smacks of desperation and opportunism rather than being part of a considered long term national energy strategy.

Cllr Amanda Dean

Lewes District and Town Councils