Future will be worse without Rampion wind farm

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A recent comment in your paper questioned the strength of argument I had put forward. I said all the organisations I listed can’t be wrong on climate change. These ranged from ornithologists to all 11 teams of Antarctic glaciologists.

I am pleased to report a recent survey of 12,000 peer-reviewed climate science papers. Some 97% of those expressing an opinion gave human activity as the driver for global warming. This is not medieval alchemy or even economics, where people can have opinions. This is peer-reviewed science, similar to that which saved us from danger from ozone depletion.

If anyone needs further evidence, middle Europe has this week had two months’ rain in two days, costing many lives, extensive flooding of homes and landslides at levels never seen before.

They have lost over a billion pounds worth of arable crops. This does not include this month’s Italian losses. There will inevitably be an international price rise for wheat, barley, maize and oil from rapeseed.

The UKIP councillor from Newhaven should reflect on this. We must build the Rampion field and all the other turbines. Things will get much worse if we don’t.

Peter Gardiner