Germany and France rule over EU

Facts, Mr Baker, facts. If Prof Younge is UKIP, (some people write in our name but not UKIP)

He is not speaking in my name. The only thing he has got wrong is the German slant. The superstate was first thought of in 1918. The 1955 Steel andCoal Act between Germany and France was to stop any more wars between the two countries. The EU has always been controlled by Germany and France. It is their club. With all the British MEPs, we have nine per cent voting rights. We always get out-voted. Hence that is why the British people do not feel part of your dream, Mr Baker.

I/we believe that the British people should be governed by the elected British Parliment, and not by unelected politicians.

If you do not convey this to the public, Mr Baker, they may vote for a differant party – perhaps UKIP. I can only speak for myself, Mr Baker, but we know that the moon is made of cheese.Facts, Mr Baker, facts.

Cllr Peter Charlton

Ouse Valley East