Getting an unbias view of events in Palestine

Many of your readers must be interested in Israel and Palestine (Water Meters, September 13), so are probably interested in the following about an organisation called MAP, Medical Aid for Palestinians.

That interest ought to include your contributors Mr Briggs and Mr Duncanon.

Palestinian families, including their children, live without any normal standard of hospital treatment or other medical services as we know it.

MAP is a non-political international body of mainly medical people trying to provide at least a minimum of medical services to Palestinians where nothing else exists. They have been going for some years.

Various UK MPs have visited them and seen their work. Because they are non-political, they are funded only by donations not by any official grants from anywhere.

They issue unbiased reports (they do not take sides), called Monitors, every few weeks about what is really happening in Gaza or other parts of Palestine.

They give the details that one does not see in the newspapers. Your readers can get these reports just by contacting them and giving their email address. They do not have to donate to get the reports. One can then stop or continue, donate or not – make up one’s own minds. There is no follow-up publicity.

A contact point in the UK is or call 0207-226-4114.

Name and address supplied