Getting things done despite the moans

I wonder if Clive Hobden has in fact done us Liberal Democrats a favour. His cantankerous rants against all things Lib Dem (Letters, May 23 and June 6) might actually make people realise that, despite all the difficulties we as a party are having electorally, the Lib Dems still work for the community and actually get things done.Locally we’ve managed, as an opposition party, to change the district council’s budget to get future funding for flood prevention, cliff erosion protection and storm assessment. We’ve got agreement to get funding to provide affordable and social homes. No other opposition party in the UK has done that, as far as I can tell.

We continue to pursue a series of green policies and actions, from Low Carbon Ringmer to supporting council tenants having pV panels to reduce their electricity bills. And although Clive appears viscerally against it, we’ve worked hard to achieve the Lewes-Ringmer cycle path which will be completed early next year.

It’s obviously a very difficult time to be a Lib Dem.

We’re in government with a party we’ve spent our political lives fighting, but then don’t we all have to work with people we disagree with at some stage in our lives?

In the meantime we plough on serving our community, trying not to get distracted by the moaners and knockers for whom nothing will ever be right. Maybe they should get on their bike?

Chris Bowers

District councillor Ouse Valley and Ringmer