Getting to grips with climate change

I have tried to follow the recent arguments re climate change, but am now completely bewildered by the mass of conflicting figures supplied by your correspondents.

The impression I get is that the warming is confined to the UK, we are all responsible for this and must be punished.

I originally thought that it was a global problem, silly me.

However in the interest of we common people, perhaps someone could explain the following in simple terms.

Why is it that volcanic activity is apparently deemed to have no effect on the climate? How come the Amazon and Indonesian rain forests can be cut down in swathes with no effect?

Why can China, India and other countries continue to build huge polluting factories while ours are subject to vast expense to minimise emissions?

How does it happen these same countries are, seemingly, still building increasing numbers of coal-fired power stations while we are fast closing ours, and putting our supplies at risk?

Why is it that despite all this, I am treated as some sort of pariah for wanting to go to the US to visit some of our family and will be fined for so doing (Air Passenger Duty)?

Is it really the case that the lunatics are now running the asylum?

Colin Fox