Global warming - Are our MPs qualified to make decisions?

Tony Rowell’s letter (15 November) needs a reply, but I prefer to consider the problem under the heading Global Warming rather than the meaningless term Climate Change – we all know that has been happening for millions of years.

I am and have been since Al Gore a sceptic and it is as such that I reviewed the 5th summary report of the IPCC.

I agree with him that, as the report says, “the last three decades have been successively warmer” and that the past 30 years up to 2012 have been the warmest, but this doesn’t change the fact that since 1998 warming has stalled and I wonder why the IPCC doesn’t mention this.

The source of my information is the Met Office report November 2012, which details the global temperature data for the period 1993 to 2012 from the three main international organisations namely Hadcrut (Met Office) NOAA and NASA. These were averaged out by the World Meteorologist Office. All this can be found on Google.

The three hottest years over the 20 years in degrees C were 1998 14.51, 2005 14.54 and 2010 14.54. All other years were lower eg 2012 14.45.

The WMO report 13 November, 2013, forecast 14.48 for 2013.

The science of the effect of greenhouse gases states that the relationship between increasing levels and temperature is logarithmic not linear. In simple terms you get less warming for every subsequent increment of gas levels.

We are told 95 per cent of scientists agree that global warming is human caused AGW but the word scientist covers a lot of disciplines. How this figure is arrived at we don’t know and how many are qualified in a discipline that is relevant to the subject is also unknown.

I recently watched Question Time and heard Ed Davey, Minister for the Environment and Climate Change, say that the polar ice caps were melting. But that morning, on the news, we were shown Prince Harry training for the race to the South Pole during the Antarctic summer where the temperature would be minus 50C. Makes you wonder doesn’t it.

With respect to peddling misleading information, the prime example of this is saying that the country can have a reliable energy supply without fossil fuels based on renewables. As I write this letter, it is cold outside, dark with no wind and the paper tells me that it is approaching high tide. So, forward to 2020 – what then? When you read that a wind farm will supply so many homes, as they all do, that is peddling misinformation, but then I’ve explained that before in previous letters and nobody has challenged me.

I strongly believe that nearly all our MPs are technically ignorant including the PM and our local representatives Norman Baker and Caroline Lucas.

The pragmatic French have their nuclear power, Germany are building six new generation coal-fired power stations and the US have shale gas while our MPs of all parties prattle on about renewables supported by large subsidies, ie good business for the owners, bad business for us, the public.

Brian Beck