Global warming has not stopped

I beg Brian Beck to look at the latest joint report from The Royal Society and the National Academy of Sciences, (Climate Change – Evidence and Causes) and the full IPCC report.

These are not reports by trivial organisations or rogue scientists, but are endorsed by the premier institutions in our land.

These reports demonstrate global warming has not stopped. More damning still is University of New South Wales (UNSW) research published March 2014, too recent for inclusion in these sources.

UNSW studied the hottest 10% and hottest 20% locations across the world. They found these have increased in temperature rapidly during the past 16 years, and the land mass covered by extreme temperatures has also expanded.

Air temperatures along the populated coastal areas, (where many of the global temperature recording sites are properly sited) are affected by ocean temperature. Because oceans heat and cool more slowly than land masses, the adjusted mean global temperatures lag behind temperature rises in central land masses. These high temperature rises are already reducing food production in USA, Russia, Australia and China.

Mean global temperatures have slowed, but land mass figures are rising frighteningly quickly.

Professor Peter Gardiner,