Global warming - misinformation on wind power

Tony Simms finishes his letter “Over to you Brian” with respect to, as he put it, apparent pause in global temperature over the past 15 years as reported by HadCrut,NASA,NOAA and WMO.

I checked the location and numbers of the temperature recording stations the results as follows:

Northern hemisphere 3,436 of which 2,643 were in USA and Europe (Arctic 167); Southern hemisphere 410 of which only 8 were in the Antarctic; Split Northern 90% Southern 10%.

These figures definitely show an imbalance but how this is corrected is the problem.

How the current average global temperatures were calculated is beyond me, perhaps this is why Al Gore only showed the Northern Hemisphere anomaly in his book and film. If as Tony says that there will now be, presumably, an adjustment to annual temperatures pre-1998 and beyond the result will be interesting.

For Ralph Grillo I need to make the point about MPs clear, I was referring to their lack of understanding of the misinformation put out by wind farm developers with respect to the number homes they will power.

I thank Peter Gardiner for confirming that 95% of scientists agree with AGW is not the case and that there was a “peer review survey” by 13,950 scientists.

Meanwhile something to pause for thought, I understand that Germany has built its first coal fired power station without carbon capture in eight years to add to the existing ones and that there are another ten stations in the pipeline with more to follow to ensure a more secure and cheaper power source than that provided by renewables.

Brian Beck