Going over old territory in Lewes

I write with reference to the proposed changes in the Lewes parking regulations and in particular as they relate to Clare Road.

It would appear there are proposals to site four parking bays in Clare Road; three on the north side and one at the end of the south side of the road with its junction with Gundreda Road.

These proposals are identical to those which were proposed some five years ago. At that time, it was pointed out by residents that the carriageway is only 15 feet in width.

A set of photographs was supplied to the local authority clearly illustrating that, if vehicles are parked on the north side of the carriageway, it is totally impossible to enter or exit driveways on the south side of the road.

A local authority representative attended a site meeting in Clare Road and fully agreed that vehicles parked on the north side of the road prevented egress from driveways on the south side and this was demonstrated to him on site. He dismissed any proposals to site parking bays on the narrow carriageway.

The current proposals appear to deliberately re-introduce a situation that was accepted as totally out of the question in 2005/6.

There are 22 households in the Clare Road Residents Association who are affected by the new proposals; 20 of whom live in Clare Road. We have held two meetings to which all have either attended or have given their views. A unanimous democratic decision was arrived at to dismiss these totally unworkable and completely unnecessary proposals.

We have all agreed to ask the one burning question which is WHY, after years of waiting for a promised review which was generally assumed would lead to a reversal and eradication of the whole unfair, extremely unpopular and unnecessary scheme has the authority decided to extend it?

These very complicated, ill thought out proposals are not a review but simply more restrictions to raise revenue.

With regard to the general proposals which would affect Clare Road, we already have single and double yellow lines and the restricted parking is from Monday to Friday. Therefore having discussed the situation, if we are forced to retain these ugly lines which have spoilt our beautiful county town, then we accept that the change from 8am until 6pm to 9am to 5pm would make more sense with the Wallands Primary School at the end of the road.

We would also like clarification on what the local authority understand to be public holidays when parking restrictions would be suspended. We understand these days to be: Good Friday; Easter Monday; The first and last Mondays in May; The Last Monday in August; Christmas Day; Boxing Day; New Years Day and any other ad hoc public holidays.

There is no problem in Clare Road with parking as this does not affect the free flow of the traffic through the town as Clare Road is a Cul-de-sac.

We would also draw your attention to the junction of Christie Road and Nevill Road which is used daily by most of the residents of Clare Road. It was requested in our letter to you in 2006 that both sides of Christie Road at the junction should be double yellow lines. This request was dismissed and since that time it has become a very dangerous junction with many recorded incidents having taken place. The letter to us dated 30th October 2006 stated ‘the layout has been subject to a safely audit which did not raise any concerns’. We strongly suggest that you perform another ‘SAFETY’ audit particularly at school times during the school term. There are commercial vehicles frequently parked at the junction.

We also question the possible motive for this unmanageable scheme as being a totally financial one. The decision to build a new Police Station has resulted in the loss of a significant number of potential car parking spaces which a multi-storey would have provided. This coupled with the loss of more car parking spaces at the new supermarket development and the under use of parking bays in outlying zones has no doubt reduced the income substantially and has left the public with very limited accessible and reasonable priced parking facilities May I remind you that in suggesting the afore mentioned promised multi-storey car park your answer to that was (letter dated 30th October 2006 ‘You may be interested to know (if you were not already aware) that the Phoenix Quarter development is proposing to include a substantial public multi-storey car park which would be accessed off Phoenix Causeway! I rest my case.

Ronald C Bishop,


Clare Road Residents

Association, Lewes