Gold standard patient care

I refer to Susan King’s article dated 15th July regarding ‘Anger over senior staff cuts at Uckfield Hospital’.

Having recently been a patient in Harlands Ward I couldn’t agree more to the ‘Gold Standard’ patient care received.

I also picked up on the vibes that drastic changes were about to take place, even to the point that two senior staff who have worked as a team together for years were going to have to interview against each other for one post!

How can this be right and not affect the excellent patient care one receives. Has it got to the point that once you have reached a senior position you become too expensive.

All the staff were trying so hard not to show the patients that something was wrong, but they were in shock, and in my experience interim arrangements is usually the beginning of a downhill, slide with no going back.

Mr Francis was so right in saying Uckfield Hospital is a loving and caring place, with all staff caring, smiling and pleasant all the time and that when something is not broken do not try to fix it or rock the boat.

So please Matron leave our lovely local hospital staff alone.

Thank you everyone for the excellent care you gave me.

Christine Wickham,

Keld Close, Uckfield